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Norwegian culture

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Norwegian culture

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Norwegian culture

Relocating to a new country can be a challenge. In addition to the logistical obstacles, cultural hurdles must be overcome when building new relationships and adjusting to unfamiliar surroundings.

The ASC “Norwegian culture” seminar is designed to give insight into the Norwegian culture and mentality. Developed through the experiences of foreigners, the program addresses the personal and professional realities of living in Norway.

Over the course of a day, participants attend lectures on the cultural and practical aspects of life in Norway to ease the transition into their new Norwegian home.

The seminar aims to:

  • Manage expectations to life in Norway
  • Examine the similarities and differences between home culture and Norwegian culture in respect to etiquette, values, ethics and history
  • Provide advice on how to develop awareness and skills to build successful social and professional relationships with friends and colleagues
  • Discuss the influence of Norwegian culture and history on the Norwegian mentality in the office
  • Discuss culture shock and how best to deal with it

Topics covered in SeminarExpectations to Lliving and Working in Norway
The truths, challenges and the expectations in a social democratic country  

Norwegian Culture
What makes people in Norway so Norwegian?         
How do Norwegian values compare?
Socializing, manners and etiquette
History and its impact on society today
Politics and religion; its place in society

"This is the way we do things around here..."
Practical implementation of cultural dimensions;
a structural approach to understanding and
working with cultural differences

Conclusion and Practical Advice
How to enjoy your leisure time, tackle culture shock, and keep in touch with home
The unexpected reverse culture shock


In addition to the above mentioned topics, ASC can arrange lectures and private consultations with some of Norway's top experts in the fields of:

The Situation and Opportunities for the Spouse

Relocating with children and education in Norway
Norway’s Attitude towards Schooling and Lleisure Time Activities for Children.
Preparing you for your children’s new school and social situation














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