Frequent Asked Questions

Is there a separate course for children?
Yes: There are separate courses for children and teenagers running in parallel to the course for ssadults.

Should the children come to the course?
Yes, the expatriate course is for the whole family.

Can we bring our baby?
Yes, they will be looked after and brought for walks, allowing parents to focus on the course.

Where are the courses held?
Although not exclusively, most courses are held in Asker, at Thon Hotel Vettre.

How long is the expatriate course?
The course runs from 0900 to 1900 on Friday and until lunch on Saturday for singles, and 1600 for families.

Is the expatriate course mainly for families?
The courses are tailored to each participants need and situation. There are separate parts for families.

Should we arrive at the hotel on Thursday?
The course is intensive, with a long day on Friday. Past participants, especially those traveling with children, have benefitted from coming the day before.

Should we book our own hotel room?
ASC reserves hotel rooms at the hotel where the course is held.













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