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New life abroad
Home from abroad
Norwegian culture

New life abroad


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Norwegian culture

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Home from abroad

Many people who return to Norway after a stay abroad, where they have acquired new habits and attitudes, experience "reverse culture shock". Employees may feel that their new skills are not addressed or appreciated. Young people often face problems in school. The spouse, who wants to enter the labor market after having been unemployed for a period, will receive tools to make this process less frustrating and demanding, and leverage international experience.

We offer a "Return to Norway" seminar for newly repatriated families to help each individual tackle the challenges both of a social nature and career wise. In parallel we hold a seminar for children and adolescents, where the focus is put on their new social and academic life.

Course Description

Expectations on Return from Abroad. (Njål Andersen)

Challenges of a Return to Norway. (Lars Erik Espeland)
The reverse culture shock and other social challenges.

The Realities of Returning to Previous Work (Njål Andersen)

Awareness of new skills and possible employment.
Effective re-integration into Norwegian working life.

Norwegian School for Children with Overseas Experience. (Margret Andersen)
The Norwegian school system and how to best deal with children's return and integration, both academically and socially.

Advice for a New Position and Job Search for Spouses

Review of the new competencies and strategies for resume work or a job search.

Course Description - Children and Young adults

Reflections on Norway and the Country Left Behind
We are "home", now what?

Talk: "How was it to Come Back Home?"
How to keep in touch with friends and why this is important?
What does the expression "Third Culture Kid" mean?

Norwegian school
Professional differences between Norwegian and foreign schools.
Possible technical and social challenges at school.

Summary: "there is no place like home"?!

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