Participants of our courses have access to the ASC resources pages. These resources build on the lectures and allow participants to download articles and documents referred to.
The resource pages are divided into the following sections:

Good advice
Focus on practical cultural understanding, the network in Norway, both privately and professionally, and natural reactions to moving countries.

EducationHere the participant will find useful documents, a book list, articles about how to handle the practical aspects of moving abroad with children.

Country informationEach destination country page is divided into 17 topics, which are covered in a simple manner. The content is aimed at children from 7 years upwards and provides a realistic picture of what awaits in their new home country..

Here the participant links to up to date sources on the health situation in countries around the world, as well as documents that deal with specific situations.

Perspective on Norway
In order for Norwegians to understand their situation in a foreign culture, it is important to be aware of their own cultural values and starting points. In this section, there are articles, documents and links that assist the awareness process that starts at the seminar.

Spouse's roleAdvice and experience relating to the situation as a spouse or partner.


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